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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arahan (2004) DvdRip.rmvb [Eng Hardsub]

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Arahan (2004) DvdRip.rmvb [Eng Hardsub]
When a thief driving a motorcycle steals a purse of a pedestrian, the clumsy, naive and honest rookie policeman Sang-hwan (Ryoo Seung-beom) runs after him, but the skilled specialist in martial arts Eui-jin (Yoon So-yi) captures the criminal and Sang-hwan is severely injured.

She brings Sang-hwan to her home, where the six Masters of Tao heal him and believe that he has a powerful Chi, the spiritual energy of the universe, and could be a powerful warrior. Sang-hwan begins his training to ascend to a Maruchi, while the evil and ambitious Heuk-woon is accidentally released from his imprisonment.

The powerful Heug-un (Jeong Doo-hong attacks the masters, searching a key that they protect, which would permit him to become an Arahan and dominate the world. When the masters are defeated, Sang-hwan and Wi-jin are the only and last hope to mankind.


Uploaded By : AkustarinG
Enjoy This Movie.. :)

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