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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Treasure Hunter (2009) DvdRip.rmvb - mediafire link download


The Treasure Hunter (2009) DvdRip.rmvb
In the northwest desert where countless prosperous dynasties have flourish and fallen, there is rumour of a buried treasure of unbelievable riches. A group of mysterious guardians have kept the map to the location of the treasure safe, until a fierce rivalry erupts. A notorious international crime group, The Company hunt down the map keepers and before they manage to secure it, the keeper passes the map to a young chivalrous man Ciao Fei (Jay Chou). Ciao Fei is forced to give up the map to save the live of his mentor's daughter Lan Ting (Lin Chi Ling). Teaming up with Hua Ding Bang (a famous archaeologist) and Lan Ting they embark on a dangerous journey to recover the map and fight to protect the ancient treasure.

Copy the link above to download... thanks..
Thnaks To Uploader Akustaring... 

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  1. what is the password????????????

  2. Password plzz tnx in advance plzz sen on my email plzz

  3. ive been like stupid wondering the pswd

  4. that is what i tried and it worked. thanks for the movie.



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