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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Death Bell (2008) DvdRip

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Death Bell (2008) DvdRip
Genre: Horror
Cast: Lee Beom-soo, Yoon Jeong-hee, Nam Gyoo-ri, Kim Beom
Summary: For every wrong answer, one student dies.
Summer was once the prime time for horror films in Korea, but Korean Cinema went horror-free in the summer of 2008 save for one film: Death Bell (a.k.a. Gosa). Proving that quality trumps quantity, Death Bell attracted over a million moviegoer to theaters and has become one of Korea’s highest-grossing horror films ever. The feature debut of music video director Chang, the high school horror focuses on an already dreadful experience that students in Korea are all too familiar with - exams are hell - and takes it to a bloody, terrifying extreme. Acclaimed actor Lee Beom-soo leads a fresh cast that includes singer Nam Gyoo-ri of SeeYa in her acting debut, up-and-coming actor Kim Bum1, and TV actress Yoon Jeong-hee.
As the countdown for college entrance exams begin, Chang Ahn High School organizes a special exam cram class for the top 20 students including girl-next-door Lee Na and classroom big shot Hyun Kang. Taught by Hwang Chang Wook and three other teachers, the class is festering with high-strung overachieving teens, some of whom are struggling with serious mental illnesses. In the middle of class, the television suddenly turns on. The students are shocked to see their classmate Hye Young drowning in a water tank onscreen. A voice asks them a sample exam question. Answer correctly, and the classmate lives. Answer incorrectly and…

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