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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Freestyle 2010 DVDRip.XviD

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Freestyle 2010 DVDRip.XviD
A romance set in the world of freestyle basketball.
17-year-old Ondene is beautiful, talented, and all set to study law at Oxford if her domineering mother, Hyacinth, has anything to do with it.
When she falls for Leon a charming and charismatic freestyle basketball player, whose rough council estate background is worlds away from Ondenes posh private school he teaches her how to freestyle and persuades her to enter a local competition. Leon dreams of going to university, and the £15,000 prize money will be his passport to a new life
When Hyacinth finds out about Ondene and Leon, she forbids them from seeing each other. With the freestyle finals looming, not to mention her A-level exams, Ondene has to make some tough decisions about her family, education, and the man she loves

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By : AkustarinG

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