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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Morning President (2009) DvdRip

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Good Morning President (2009) DvdRip
An ambitious political comedy-drama examining the nation's highest office, Good Morning President unfolds over a decade's time in the Blue House, Korea's presidential residence which is impressively recreated on screen. Infused with the director's trademark wry, sly humor, the film is staged in three acts to cover the terms of three successive presidents and their personal crises. Jang Jin plays a careful game balancing political satire and commercial appeal: the film touches on hot-button issues like Korea-Japan relations and jabs away at pompous politics, but also keeps its heart in the right place with good humor and sincere looks into the leaders' family and romantic lives.

The film takes viewers to the private quarters of the Blue House during the terms of three fictional presidents. Kim Jong-ho wins the lottery just before retiring. Cha Ji-uk, a young, handsome single parent, romantically involved with his childhood sweetheart, must deal with diplomacy problems. Last but not least, the nation's first female president, Han Gyeong-ja, has to deal with a loving but rather troublesome husband.

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