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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jalang 2009 DVDrip

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  Jalang 2009 DVDrip
Maria (Yasmin Khanif) works as a consultant for an international shipping company based in Langkawi. In order to win a tender for her company she is required to sleep with several prominent clients and the end result is she will be rewarded with big bonus in the end. This is also one easy way for Maria to get rich fast.Among the prominent client she deals with are Dato’ Nahu (Kuswadinata), potential husband Ikram (Helmi Hussaini Ali) and her best friend, Ben Adam (Hairie Omar). Due to her beauty and charm she also could not escape the lust from her own boss, Tan Sri Jamaudi (Ridzuan Hashim) and her superior, Zulfikri (Roslan Saleh).Maria has a chance to repent from her immoral activities after an advice from Ben and Ikram. However, things does not run smoothly for her as she has been tracked down by a private investigator, Ali...
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