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Monday, March 22, 2010

Love Exposure (2009) VcdRip

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 Love Exposure (2009) VcdRip
"Love Exposure" tells an epic tale of love, family, religion, and sex.
Yu Tsunoda and Yoko meet under the most unusual of circumstances. After Yu loses a bet with his friends he agrees to go into the city dressed as a woman and kiss the first woman he sees. When they go into the city Yu and his friends comes across a young teenage girl named Yoko who is surrounded by a group of thugs. Yu, still dressed as a woman, then helps Yoko beat up the gang of thugs. Afterwards Yu kisses Yoko and runs away. Yu for the first time falls in love with a girl, but Yoko falls in love with the woman in drag known only as Miss Scorpion.
Meanwhile, Yu is being followed by Aya Koike, a member of the cult group "Zero Church." Aya Koike devises a plan to bring Yu's entire family into the "Zero Church," but first she will gain the favor of Yoko by masquerading as Miss Scorpion

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