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Friday, March 12, 2010

Phantom Racer (2009) DvdRip XviD-X.avi

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Phantom Racer (2009) DvdRip XviD-X.avi
When former friends and rival Nascar racers JJ Sawyer and Cutter McConaughey collide in a fiery accident on the track, only JJ survives. Sixteen years later, he is a guilt-ridden “truckie” transporting race cars from track to track without a life.
Unexpectedly stopping in his home town, JJ discovers that Cutters race car has been completely restored and now, because of JJs presence, it comes alive, haunted by its old driver. The car wants revenge. It wants JJ. Unfortunately, innocent people get in its way before anyone realizes whats happening and soon the local Sheriff, faced with a mysterious murder spree, makes JJ the prime suspect.
By now JJ knows all too well that the car is out for bloody revenge and is locked in a frantic death race with the seemingly unstoppable car, trying to save not just himself, but his old girlfriend and her daughter.
Mile after brutal mile, the highway becomes a battleground as these two rivals once again speed toward the final confrontation that will finally bring and end to the frightening rampage of the Phantom Racer.


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