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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Right Ya Wrong 2010 PDVDRip

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Right Ya Wrong 2010 PDVDRip


An intriguing tale of two cops, Ajay Singh (Sunny Deol) and ACP Rane (Irrfan Khan), where an intense rivalry leads them on a battle for supremacy.
Ajay's wife (Esha Koppikhar) is found brutally murdered. Ajay is the prime suspect and his nemesis ACP Rane is heading the case. Vidya (Konkana Sen), ACP Rane's younger sister, is Ajay's only support as Ajay and Rane fight it out against each other.
The investigation transpires into a mystery locked with secrets. Behind the secrets lies an astonishing discovery!!
Ripples begin with wits and mind games .....!
No one could solve the mystery till Ajay comes out with his own supremacy.
The most chilling racy thriller which shakes you up and keeps you on the edge of your seat till you know...

'What is right and what is wrong...


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