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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thunder Of Reno 2008 DvdRip

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Thunder Of Reno 2008 DvdRip
Butch Bandi (Hawk Younkins) is a 'local hero', star of the high-school football team kind of guy. A staple of the small agricultural community of Death Valley Junction where he works in the family business as a Crop duster. But Bandi is also the guy most likely to 'blow the popsicle stand' and move on to bigger things as fast as life might allow.
Out of the blue and into Butch's 'one day blending into the next' existence drops your typical fast-talking Marketing agent, Pete Squires (Bobby Aronofsky). Pete finds himself lost in the middle of nowhere looking for gas, girls and action.
Making the best of his situation, Pete discovers the unknown but very talented Pilot (Bandi) and offers him the 'ride of a lifetime' as a Race Pilot in the National Championship Air Races.
Torn between his dreams of bigger things and family loyalties, Butch leaves town with Squires after an argument over his plans with his widowed father, Owen Bandi (Chris Foxworthy).
Thrust into the life-and-death world of Air Racing at Reno, NV, Bandi has his hands full. He has to keep his mind on his flying, while dealing with possible love interest from Marti Jackman (Natasha Yi) and Paige Raider (Izabella St. James). His toughest job might be just staying alive.



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