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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well Done Abba (2010)

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Well Done Abba (2010)
‘Well Done Abba’ is the story of Armaan Ali (Boman), a driver working for a Senior Executive in Mumbai, who goes on leave. He wants to find a match for his teenage daughter (Minissha), who stays with his brother Rehman Ali and his wife Salma. When Armaan returns to work after 3 months his young employer wants to sack him.

But Armaan Ali has a story to tell. The story he tells is a humorous and often hilarious account of the events and happenings that delayed him from returning after a month. He avails a government scheme to dig a well in his agricultural patch. Things spiral out of control so much so that the government is about to collapse! The question remains, how true is this compelling story!

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