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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bar Legend (2006) DvdRip

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Bar Legend (2006) DvdRip - Mediafire mOvie Download
Sung-hyun, Gyung-roh and Jung-kwon are best of friends. At school, Jung-kwon is second to none in fighting. Sung-hyun is also a famous fighter. But Gyung-roh on the other hand is just a slick. These three called themselves the “No Touch Clan” since they were the untouchables in town. After graduation these inseparable three started their own lives. One day, Jung-kwon returns back to his hometown after having become a real mafia and serving jail time. Yet it’s not just Jung-kwon that has changed. The town itself has changed too. A peaceful town is now swarming with gangs and groaning in chaos with these three friends accidentally getting in the middle of all this mess.
Mediafire Movie Download

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