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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chuck Season 4 (S04) .avi Updated*

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Chuck Season 4 (S04) Updated* Mediafire TV Series Download
With the Chuck season 4 premiere, everyone’s favorite reluctant spy is back. Of course, after the events in the Chuck season 3 finale, nothing is going to be the same in the life of Chuck Bartowski. With Chuck’s father being killed in the finale, his world was turned upside down. That was, of course, until Chuck found out his father’s biggest secret – his mother is still alive.

As we start season 4, Chuck’s focus is solely on tracking down his mother. His mother, in this case, just happens to be played by the Terminator fighting Linda Hamilton. For a geek show, such as Chuck, that part couldn’t have been better cast. With The Ring out of the way and Ellie now knowing Chuck’s alter-ego, their relationship will be forever changed. While Ellie may know that Chuck is a spy, she still doesn’t know that her mother is alive. Neither does anyone else in Chuck’s life… except for Morgan..
Mediafire TV Series Download Link
Chuck Season 4 Episode 1
Chuck S04E01 "Chuck vs. the Anniversary"

 Chuck Season 4 Episode 2
Chuck S04E02 "Chuck Versus the Suitcase"

 Chuck Season 4 Episode 3
Chuck S04E03 "Chuck Versus the Cubic Z"

Chuck Season 4 Episode 4
Chuck S04E04 "Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat"

Chuck Season 4 Episode 5
Chuck S04E05 "Chuck Versus the Couch Lock"

Chuck Season 4 Episode 6
Chuck S04E06 "Chuck Versus The Aisle of Terror"

Chuck Season 4 Episode7
Chuck S04E07 Chuck vs. The First Fight

Updated Every Episode Coming Soon**

 Chuck Season 4 Episode List
Season 4 Episode 1 - Chuck vs. The Anniversary
Season 4 Episode 2 - Chuck vs. The Suitcase
Season 4 Episode 3 - Chuck vs. The Cubic Z
Season 4 Episode 4 - Chuck vs. The Coup D'Etat
Season 4 Episode 5 - Chuck vs. The Couch Lock
Season 4 Episode 6 - Chuck vs. The Aisle of Terror
Season 4 Episode 7 - Chuck vs. The First Fight
Season 4 Episode 8 - Chuck vs. The Fear of Death
Season 4 Episode 9 - Chuck vs. Phase Three
Season 4 Episode 10 - Chuck vs. The Leftovers
Season 4 Episode 11 - Chuck vs. The Balcony
Season 4 Episode 12 - Chuck vs. The Gobbler
Season 4 Episode 13 - Unknown
Season 4 Episode 14 - Unknown
Season 4 Episode 15 - Unknown
Season 4 Episode 16 - Unknown
Season 4 Episode 17 - Unknown
Season 4 Episode 18 - Unknown

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