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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Menculik Miyabi (2010) DvdRip

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Menculik Miyabi (2010) DvdRip - Mediafire MOvie Download
This 90-minute film is the first widescreen movie for Miyabi. This teen comedy film starring Miyabi [Maria Ozawa] artist because it is still considered to be in accordance with the lifestyle of young people. In this film there are no hot scenes, like in the Miyabi movies known as Japanese blue movies.In this movie, Maria Ozawa, a prominent ad in the Japanese star had the duty to give a quiz prize winners directly to Jakarta.Maria writes in a personal blog about her departure plans, which turned out to be read by by three young men,Kevin, Ben and Aan.
Mediafire MOvie Download
Password : allmedia4u@movie

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